The FSAFEDs flexible spending account program is transitioning to a new provider and during the month of August claims will not be accepted. Claims sent by mail must be postmarked by July 20 in order to be processed before the transition period, and the deadline for faxed or electronic claims and for paperless reimbursement claims is 4 p.m. Eastern time July 29. Approved claims submitted by those deadlines will be paid by August 8, and claims will again be accepted beginning September 1. The phone and fax numbers will remain the same after the transition as will the website, although the site will be offline August 26-September 1, and only a recorded message will be provided on the phone number during that period. During that time payroll withholding into accounts will continue and eligible expenses incurred still will be reimbursable, although not paid until afterward. Withholding amounts can’t be changed due to the blackout itself; those experiencing during that time a life event such as marriage that allows for a change, including a new enrollment, will have to wait until after the period.