Full results of this year’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey show little change in aspects of working for the government that employees view most positively and most negatively. OPM earlier had released partial data showing a second straight year of slight gains in measures of employee engagement in their work, their overall satisfaction, and the inclusiveness of their workplaces, which are composites of responses to several questions relating to each of those issues. The full data now available continue to show, for example, that the most positive responses involved whether employees are willing to put in extra effort to get a job done, that they are constantly looking for ways to do their jobs better, and that they consider their work important—96, 91 and 90 percent positive, respectively. Similarly, 83 percent said they like their work and they know how it relates to their agency’s goals and priorities. All are the same or only up or down by a percentage point over the last five years.