The G fund accounted for 38.6 percent of total investor assets as of the end of May. Image: Steve Heap/Shutterstock.com

Data presented at the latest meeting of the TSP governing board show that the always-gaining government securities G fund now holds the most of any individual TSP fund.

That’s due to a combination of losses in the other funds since the start of the year and transfers of money into the G fund from other funds—a net $6.4 billion in May, with a net $3.5 billion transferred out of the common stock C fund. Total assets at the time were $734.3 billion.


The G and C funds have traded places as the largest several times in the last five years; the C fund most recently had passed the G fund in March 2021 and had stayed ahead until now.

The G fund accounted for 38.6 percent of total investor assets as of the end of May, counting its representation in the lifecycle L funds, up from 33.3 percent at year-end 2021. The C fund share meanwhile fell from 40.3 to 37.4 percent.

The picture is similar when the lifecycle L funds are accounted for collectively as one. By that accounting, the G fund now holds 31.3 percent of assets, up from 26 percent at year-end 2021, while the C fund holds 30.2 percent, down from 33.1 percent. The bond F fund holds 2.9 percent; the small company stock S fund 9.2 percent, the international stock I fund 3.5 percent and the L funds collectively 22.8 percent.

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