A NOAA team is among those recognized by the Administration's Gears of Government Awards - for its work detecting toxins related to Lake Erie's recurrent algae blooms fed by agriculture runoff. (NOAA image, Oct. 2011)

Three individual federal employees, three teams and two agency components have been named winners of the President’s Award in the Gears of Government awards, the program the administration created to recognize exceptional contributions to improving services to the public. The awards were announced in conjunction with Public Service Recognition Week, which is this week.

Individuals honored were: Barbara C. Morton of VA for “transforming VA’s capabilities to provide veterans, families, caregivers, and survivors with an excellent customer experience”; Dr. Emily Haas of HHS for “improving health and safety standards for mineworkers across the country”; and Dr. Kathleen Uhl of HHS for “transforming generic drug regulation using cutting-edge science and expert leadership.”


Teams honored were: an interagency team of Energy and NASA employees for “demonstrating a technology that could be used as a power system to enable long-duration stays on planetary surfaces”; a Transportation team for “increasing awareness of nationwide air bag recalls through the creation of a remedy campaign”; and a NOAA team for “radically advancing detection of harmful algal bloom toxins to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water in Lake Erie and access to safe seafood in Washington State.”

Agency components honored were: the IG’s office at HHS for preventing health care providers convicted of certain crimes from participating in federal healthcare programs “to protect taxpayer-funded programs like Medicare and vulnerable beneficiaries from abuse”; and the Agricultural Marketing Service for “transforming an 80-year-old approach to better support distressed agricultural industries and provide safe, nutritious food to low-income communities.”

Detailed descriptions and other winners are at performance.gov.