Get That Flu Shot, OPM Advises Federal Employees

Federal employees should be sure to get the annual flu shot and while they’re at it should check to be sure they are up to date on their other vaccinations such as those for pneumonia, whooping cough and shingles, OPM has said.

In a memo to agencies, OPM provided a suggested email for “widest distribution” stating that the flu is dangerous but that the vaccine is safe, that even if it doesn’t prevent an individual from getting the flu, it could make the illness milder, and that it can help prevent spreading the flu to co-workers and family members. Babies and young children, pregnant women, people 65 and older, and people with certain medical conditions are at increased risk of serious complications if they catch the flu, it adds.

“Most FEHB plans cover flu shots at pharmacies and retail stores, in addition to doctor’s offices and clinics, with no co-pays when in-network. Many federal agencies also offer flu shots onsite at no or low cost,” it says.