“Miscellaneous administration and program” remained the government’s largest white-collar occupation as of fiscal 2017, growing by about 600 positions to just over 101,000, OPM has reported.

That was followed by nurse, about 85,200, and IT management, about 84,500, which increased by about 1,300 and 500, respectively. Management and program analysis and miscellaneous clerk and assistant were in fourth and fifth place at about 74,600 and 57,100, both of which grew by about 250 in the year.

There was growth in 16 of the top 20 white-collar occupations over the fiscal year, ending last September. In percentage terms, the fastest-growing were medical support assistance, up 9.3 percent to about 29,000, and general inspection, investigation, enforcement and compliance, up 5.1 percent to about 38,000.

Meanwhile, contact representative fell by 5.9 percent to about 25,800 and social insurance administration fell by 2.9 percent to about 27,900.

Among blue-collar occupations, custodial working remained the largest, virtually unchanged at about 13,100, followed by maintenance mechanic and aircraft mechanic, at about 10,900 and 10,200. The greatest growth in percentage terms was marine machinery mechanic, up 1.9 percent to about 2,900.

Employment fell in 15 of the top 20 most common blue collar positions, with the steepest drop in percentage terms in miscellaneous transportation/mobile equipment maintenance, down 3.8 percent to about 7,400. Maintenance mechanic, materials handler, and motor vehicle operating each fell by above 3.5 percent.