GSA has set policies on use of ride-sharing services for federal employees on official travel, stating that the cost is now reimbursable on the same basis as using taxi and similar services.

The guidance follows enactment earlier this year of P.L. 115-34, which added such services to the list of “special conveyances” that are reimbursable when in the government’s interest. That law and the new guidance replace a GSA bulletin of a year ago that also generally allowed reimbursement for what are formally termed “transportation network companies” and “innovative mobility technology companies.”


GSA told agencies to “review internal policies regarding the use of special conveyances on TDY and ensure employees are authorized ground transportation options based upon efficiency and cost effectiveness” where such services are allowed under local law.

It added that reimbursement applies only to official travel and not to “transportation expenses for official business in and around the duty station.”