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Onsite verification of a federal employee’s COVID-19 vaccination status is not required as a condition to enter GSA-controlled facilities, according to the latest guidance from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force.

“Security officers at GSA-controlled facilities will admit any federal employee with a valid PIV card to the facility without requiring onsite proof of vaccination. Enforcement of applicable workplace safety protocols, including any required testing for federal employees with approved or pending exceptions, are the responsibility of occupant agencies,” it says.

The guidance meanwhile repeats earlier policies that within federal facilities fully vaccinated employees in counties determined by the CDC (see CDC COVID Data Tracker) as having low or moderate transmission of the Coronavirus do not need to wear a mask unless required by state or local rules, and are not subject to additional restrictions on official travel.

Fully vaccinated employees in areas of substantial or high transmission need to wear a mask in public indoor settings and are free to “choose to wear a mask regardless of the level of transmission for a variety of reasons.”

It further repeats that unvaccinated employees, including those with approved exceptions to the mandate, “must wear masks regardless of community transmission level, physically distance, and comply with travel requirements for not fully vaccinated individuals.”

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