OPM has told insurance carriers in the FEHB that a high level of interest is expected in the new self plus one option that will become available in the 2016 plan year, with a “large number of enrollment changes” likely in this fall’s open season. Saying that “communications with FEHB enrollees will be more important than ever,” OPM asked the plans to conduct two campaigns to educate FEHB enrollees and potential enrollees, the first to be conducted by August with a focus on current family coverage enrollees who would be most likely to be interested in self plus one. OPM earlier estimated that as many as 30 percent of all FEHB enrollments consist of just the enrollee and one eligible family member—such as a married couple with no children under the age 26 cutoff, or a single parent with one eligible child. That messaging is to be repeated in the fall open season along with standard open season information. OPM urged carriers to use their emails, printed materials, social media, health fairs and other communication methods.