OPM has formally launched the Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, or REDI, Roadmap, with an initial step being revisions to the USAJobs site in the coming months to make the job application process—for both those looking to get into government and those seeking to change jobs inside it—more user-friendly. The recruitment and diversity aspects will seek to better use data, including that on applicant patterns and behavior gleaned from USAJobs, to help agencies find potential candidates for certain occupations, such as high-demand cybersecurity jobs, and among certain demographic groups, such as Hispanics, who are under-represented in the federal workforce compared with the labor pool as a whole. The initiative also will stress candidate development and simplified hiring procedures, including at the executive level. Also announced was the formation of a new inter-agency Diversity and Inclusion in Government Council, designed to develop and share practices that promote diversity and remove barriers to equal employment opportunity.