The House plans to vote this week on HR-2810, the annual DoD authorization bill that would deny the Pentagon’s request for another round of base closings while extending several special hiring authorities for high-demand positions and special benefits for employees working in dangerous areas overseas.

The bill also would, among other things: expand the science and technology reinvention laboratory demonstration project; reinstate authority for DoD to hire military retirees within 180 days of their retirement based on an emergency need, an authority that was repealed only last year; boost training to prepare employees to become program managers in major acquisition projects; require studies of existing training and financial incentives for acquisition employees; allow more components the discretion to use “direct hire” authority for financial management experts; repeal a DoD policy of paying lower per diem rates for long-term temporary assignments; and extend by three years, through fiscal 2021, the department’s authority to pay buyouts of up to $40,000 rather than the standard $25,000.


Numerous amendments typically are offered to the bill during floor voting. Among those planned are one to allow the base closings round to proceed; one to create a pilot program for recruitment, training and retention of employees in cybersecurity fields; and one to encourage the transition of medical professionals into employment with the VA after leaving the military.