The TSP last year decided to put off implementing a previous decision to begin using a broader index for the international stock I fund, following several actions by the Trump administration against the change largely because China would be among the countries to be added.

The international stock I fund gained 3.61 percent in May, well outpacing the other two stock-based TSP funds; the large company C fund gained 0.69 percent while the small company stock S fund dropped 0.66 percent.

The bond F fund gained 0.34 percent and the government securities G fund 0.13 percent.


Returns of the lifecycle L funds, all gains, were: Income, 0.47; 2025, 0.81; 2030, 1; 2035, 1.08; 2040, 1.16; 2045, 1.22; 2050, 1.28; 2055, 2060, 2065, 1.5.

Review of TSP Investment Policies to Include “Climate-related financial risk”
President Biden has ordered an assessment of how the TSP “has taken environmental, social, and governance factors, including climate-related financial risk, into account” in its investment fund offerings, as part of an executive order on the government’s potential financial liabilities arising from climate change.

What it Takes to Be a TSP Millionaire in Today’s Dollars
With a long enough timeline, involving consistent large contributions and decent long-term stock returns during the period, it’s possible to become a millionaire from compounding a middle-class or upper middle-class income, including most jobs in federal service.

Yes It’s OK to Spend Your TSP in Retirement

TSP Investors Handbook, New 7th Edition