Image: GAS-photo/Shutterstock.com

The Trump administration has supported language in a recently released Senate bill that would provide for no pay raise for federal employees for 2021.

“In the context of budgetary constraints and the recent, pandemic-related impacts on non-federal labor markets, the administration supports the policy in the bill to maintain for 2021 the current level of federal civilian employee pay,” the statement says.


That represents a change in the position the administration has held throughout this year in favor of a 1 percent raise in January, to be paid across the board with no locality component. The House in passing its own version of the comparable bill had effectively agreed to that amount by remaining silent, allowing the 1 percent amount the administration favored at the time to take effect by default.

That bill along with the other regular appropriations measures likely will be combined into a wrapup bill needed to continue agency funding authority past the end of the current temporary authority next Friday (December 11). Specifics of that measure are yet to be announced. House Democratic leaders likely will press for inclusion of the 1 percent raise since that amount was assumed in the House’s earlier vote even though it took no formal position.

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