Federal employees working in or close to Washington, D.C. will get Inauguration Day, January 20, as a paid day off from work without charge to leave, OPM has said. That will apply only to employees who normally work in the District of Columbia, Montgomery or Prince George’s Counties in Maryland, Arlington or Fairfax Counties in Virginia, or the cities of Alexandria or Fairfax in Virginia, and who is regularly scheduled to perform non-overtime work on that day, which is a Friday. There will be no in-lieu-of holiday for otherwise-covered employees who are not regularly scheduled to work on that day, OPM said in a posting of 2017 federal holidays. The policy follows prior practice on granting excused absence in the close-in capital area when the day falls on a weekday. Further guidance may be forthcoming. In the past, OPM has specified for example that affected employees who must work in those locations that day will be eligible for holiday pay but that those who normally work there but who are away on official travel will not get the day off with pay.