Meanwhile, federal employees are increasingly concerned and upset about the lack of information from their agencies. More could be coming soon, since OMB has held a conference call with top agency leaders on the situation, with more to follow; that information could start moving down through the workforce in upcoming days. It also released a statement saying that “prudent management” requires that agencies start preparations. Generally, if a partial shutdown does occur, agencies would follow procedures they used in 2013 regarding which operations would continue. OMB had told agencies to review those plans and nearly all agencies apparently have done so and have submitted them to OMB to review. However, the plans have not been publicly released; in 2013, that wasn’t done until several days before the shutdown. Those plans determine which employees would remain on the job and which would be sent home on furlough, but it appears that employees will not get actual notice of their status until just before the shutdown would start. Both categories would be unpaid for the meantime, although by law those who continue working must be paid once funding is restored. Several bills already have been offered in both the House and Senate to assure that employees who are furloughed will be paid later too. That has been the practice in past shutdowns but that requires approval by the Congress each time. Employees in self-funding agencies such as the USPS and the TSP, or in self-funding operations within an agency that otherwise draws funding from appropriations, would remain on the job and in normal paid status.