The large company stock C fund led the five basic funds in returns in July, posting a 2.37 percent gain, while in a rare occurrence the bond F fund was in second place, posting a 1.15 percent gain.

The international stock I fund gained 0.72 percent and the government securities G fund gained 0.13 percent while the small company stock S fund dropped 1.24 percent.


The returns for the lifecycle L funds, all gains, were: Income, 0.47; 2025, 0.75; 2030, 0.92; 2035, 0.99; 2040, 1.05; 2045, 1.1; 2050, 1.15; 2055, 2060, 2065, 1.26.

TSP Investment Window Not New, and Not Just about Sustainable Funds
Several recent news reports referencing the TSP’s upcoming investment “window” apparently have left some program participants confused about the origins and intentions of that planned feature – with complaints from some corners that investors should not be forced to invest “responsibly” or to divest from fossil fuels.

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