The Trump administration has said it will release this month its President’s Management Agenda, which is to contain detailed plans to carry out a reorganization and efficiency initiative announced nearly a year ago in an OMB memo.

That memo told agencies to, among other things: “determine the appropriate staffing levels for different programs to accomplish their objectives”; consider shifting some work to lower-level employees and consolidating higher-graded work into fewer positions; reduce management layers; and review positions as they become vacant to determine whether the position fits current mission needs and whether the duties can be reassigned to lower organizational levels or a lower grade.

In a recent documents providing a preview of the management agenda, the administration said that agencies “must critically examine their workforces to determine what jobs they need to accomplish their core missions” and “streamline the hiring and dismissal processes, modernize human resources technology, better utilize data to inform workforce management, rebalance labor-management relations, and reduce unnecessary red tape in order to bring the federal workforce into the 21st century.”