Nearly half of what are commonly deemed whistleblowing disclosures don’t actually involve the types of violations that whistleblower protection law covers, according to the VA.

A report by its office of accountability and whistleblower protection–stood up in mid-2017 after passage of several laws seeking to help whistleblowing employees there–shows that since last June, 44 percent of disclosures did not qualify for protection. Disclosures of retaliation against whistleblowers accounted for 23 percent, violation of a law, rule or regulation for 19 percent, abuse of authority for 6 percent, and the rest mismanagement or a danger to safety or public health.

The changes to law and establishment of the special whistleblower office at the VA followed a surge of complaints of retaliation against employees who made disclosures or who cooperated with investigations related to the department’s scandal over records that made it appear that veterans were being treated more promptly than actually was the case.