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The 2022 Medicare Part B (physicians and related services) premium will be $171.10 a month for most enrollees, an increase of $21.60 over 2021. Those with annual taxable incomes above a threshold ($91,000 for single filers and $182,000 for joint filers in 2021) also pay surcharges.

The Part B annual deductible will rise by $30 to $233.

In Part A, which covers hospitalization and related costs, the deductible will rise to $1,556, an increase of $72, and proportionate boosts also will apply to coinsurance for periods longer than 60 days per benefit period.

The average monthly premium for Part D prescription drug coverage (which few federal retirees choose because it largely duplicates what is covered under FEHB plans) is remaining about the same, around $33 a month. Most Part D plans have a deductible, whose maximum is rising from $445 to $480.

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