The MSPB will soon be inviting some 100,000 federal employees across two dozen departments and agencies to complete its “merit principles survey” a polling last conducted in 2016 that asks about agency compliance with merit system principles, the prohibited personnel practices, and other aspects of the work experience and human resources management.

The online survey will take about a half-hour to fill out and the MSPB will ask agencies to allow employees to do it on the clock. The response period will be open for about four weeks at each agency and the survey is to close at the end of March.


MSPB cites the survey results in white papers and newsletters it issues, for example in recent times on topics including the importance in the workplace of how strongly employees believe that their actions in the workplace can produce the intended results; training of supervisors on performance-related issues; employee perceptions of performance evaluations; the effectiveness of various strategies for hiring; and more.

Meanwhile, OPM still has not issued results of the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, which goes to nearly all executive branch employees and asks a broader range of questions, with additional questions in the 2020 version related to the impact of the pandemic on federal workplaces.

That survey typically is administered in the spring with results released starting in the fall but the survey was delayed several times last year due to the pandemic, ultimately not starting until September. OPM initially had projected it would begin releasing results by the end of the calendar year.

Responses to that survey are watched closely on Capitol Hill and also underpin the high-profile best places to work in government report from the Partnership for Public Service, which also has been delayed.