All TSP funds posted losses in January except the small company stock S fund, up 2.85 percent and the government securities G fund, up 0.07 percent. The international stock I fund was down 1.09 percent, the large company stock C fund fell 1.01 percent and the bond F fund fell 0.71 percent.

The losses in those funds also dragged down all the lifecycle L funds. Their January returns were: Income, -0.1; 2025, -0.24; 2030, -0.32; 2035, -0.35; 2040, -0.37; 2045, -0.39; 2050, -0.41; 2055, 2060 and 2065, -0.44.


Markets Touch New All Time Highs: Short Bets Squeezed Out
A Reddit subgroup with 2 million members has performed coordinated attacks on individual stocks by buying call options en masse, nearly driving a major hedge fund into bankruptcy. There is a lot of unusual market activity occurring and equity valuations on average are higher than any time since the peak of the dotcom bubble.

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