TSP funds posted gains in February except the bond F fund—which was down 1.45 percent—with the small company stock S fund up 5.21 percent, the large company stock C fund up 2.76 percent and the international stock I fund up 2.26 percent. The government securities G fund rose 0.08 percent.

February returns, all gains, for the lifecycle L funds were: Income, 0.63; 2025, 1.35; 2030, 1.7; 2035, 1.86; 2040, 2.03; 2045, 2.17; 2050, 2.32; 2055, 2060, 2065, 2.93.


Interest rates on long duration Treasury bonds have risen lately, increasing the attractiveness of bonds relative to stocks. That contributed to a selloff in equities late in the month, but as rates on the 10 year Treasury slipped back to start the month worry over higher interest rates eased and all major indexes such as the S&P, which the C Fund tracks shot back up.

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