Two of the three stock-oriented TSP funds posted substantial gains in August, with the small company S fund up 4.57 percent and the large company C fund up 3.26 percent—although the international stock I fund dropped 1.91 percent. The bond F fund and the government securities G fund also posted gains, of 0.67 and 0.26 percent, respectively. The monthly returns for the lifecycle L funds were: Income, 0.61; 2020, 0.8; 2030, 1.28; 2040, 1.47; 2050, 1.65.

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At the recession bottom on March 9th, 2009, just nine and a half years ago, the S&P 500 was at 683. Investors that bought and held over this period increased their investment value by over four times. The C Fund, of course, is the TSP fund that tracks it.

And this doesn’t even account for dividends. With dividends reinvested (which the C Fund does automatically), the total return was about 5.25 times the original investment. The C Fund went from less than $8/share to over $41/share during this time.