As one of its last actions before the recess, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee passed a postal reform bill (HR-5714) with bipartisan support. That could help break a long-standing logjam over postal reform, which has been mainly a Senate priority in recent years; the Senate apparently will wait for action by the full House before taking up the issue. However, opposition meanwhile is building to several provisions in the House bill, including one to require all postal employees and retirees to enter a new sub-program just for them within the FEHB, and to compel all postal retirees to enroll in Medicare Part B and pay its associated premiums. They would get help in paying those premiums but only for four years. Also passed were several management-related bills, including HR-2319 and HR-5709 to require agencies to better preserve and manage electronic records; HR-5033, to reduce duplication among federal programs; and HR-5690, to strengthen GAO’s powers to investigate and audit agency operations.