The Trump administration’s reorganization and downsizing initiatives could result in a surge in appeals from affected employees similar to what followed the 2013 “sequester” furloughs, the MSPB has said.

MSPB needed several years to work through the more than 30,000 furlough-related appeals, which also caused backlogs in its processing of other cases.


In a recent annual report, MSPB said that experience underscores that “workforce reduction actions can result in adverse actions affecting federal employees, and affected employees may file appeals of those actions with MSPB.”

“RIF actions, and some cases involving VERA [early retirement] or VSIP [buyouts] are also appealable to MSPB. Historical trends indicate that increasing RIFs would lead to an increase in the number of appeals filed to MSPB, and RIF appeals are generally more complex than some other types of appeals,” it said.

“Workforce reshaping may also effect workforce management, employee engagement and employee effectiveness,” it added.