GSA has released new per diem rates, effective October 1, that set individual rates for some 350 destinations for official federal employee travel and that raise the standard lodging rate for destinations without a specific rate from $89 to $91 a day. The “meals and incidental expenses” portion will continue to range from $51 to $74 a day, with the lower number being the standard for destinations don’t have specific lodging rates—and also applying to many that do. There will be no new areas with specific rates, while three that formerly had their own—Lexington Park/Leonardtown/Lusby, Md.; New Bern, N.C.; and Minot, N.D.—will fall under the standard rates. As before, rates of some destinations vary seasonally, with the highest being Aspen, Colo., $338 December-March; Key West, Fla., $311 February-April; and New York City, $301 September-December.