The DoD also had asked for a government-wide authority for six weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees but the Senate bill effectively rejects that by remaining silent, as did the House bill. And while the House bill would repeal a policy in effect since late 2014 at DoD reducing per diem payments for employees on temporary duty assignments longer than 30 days, the Senate bill would leave it up to heads of DoD components whether to pay the normal full rate or a reduced rate. The lowered rate was designed to encourage more use of less expensive extended-stay type lodgings but has been criticized as discouraging employees from taking such assignments, especially common in the Navy for work on ships. The Senate bill also would grant DoD’s request to allow it to grant up to six pay periods worth of advance pay for its employees who have “particular or superior qualifications or skills” for relocations within the United States or its territories, similar to advance pay already allowed for employees being relocated overseas. The House version contains no similar provision.