Notices Upcoming on FEGLI Open Season

OPM has prepared standard emails for agencies to send to their employees about the rare FEGLI open season that will run the month of September, with the first notices to go out the week of August 22, and four follow-up reminders to be sent before the open season ends. The notices stress that during the open season, FEGLI-eligible employees—but not retirees—will be able to newly enroll or increase coverage up to the maximum in all the coverage options, with no need to undergo a medical exam or answer health questions. However elections—and their associated premiums—will not be effective until the first full pay period after October 1, 2017, and that to carry coverage into retirement, it must have been in effect for the five years prior to retirement, a consideration for those who may retire before October 2022. Enrolled employees can cancel or reduce coverage or change beneficiaries at any time.