One more formal action is needed to finalize the federal employee raise in January, an executive order containing detailed pay tables for the GS localities reflecting the raises that will range from 1.63 percent (in the catchall “rest of the U.S.” locality) to 2.88 percent (in the Washington-Baltimore locality). Those figures reflect the boost of 0.5 percent resulting from President Obama’s decision to increase the overall average raise from 1.6 to 2.1 percent in the name of pay raise parity with military personnel. That order also finalizes the executive schedule rates, which set the pay cap for employees in the SES and other senior positions and a lower cap for employees at the upper reaches of the GS scale in some localities. Executive schedule rates are expected to increase for pay cap purposes, even though executive level officials will have their actual pay frozen. Pay for members of Congress, too, will remain frozen. The raise is effective with the first pay period of January; in most cases that will start January 8, although there are some differing pay cycles.