The investment limit on tax-favored retirement savings plans such as the TSP will rise to $19,000 in 2019 from this year’s level of $18,500, the IRS has announced. That’s the cap on regular investments by employees, called the “elective deferral limit.”

The separate limit on “catch-up contributions”—additional investments allowed for those 50 or older, or who will turn 50 during the calendar year, and who meet certain other conditions—will remain $6,000.


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Actively employed TSP participants age 50 and older can make TSP catch-up contributions of an amount ($6,000 in 2019) above the elective deferral limit amount ($19,000 in 2019). Catch-up investments can be made under either the traditional TSP design or under its Roth design or both, so long as the total amount invested is within the catch-up limit.

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