OPM has told federal agencies to continue processing changes to insurance coverage by federal employees despite any disruptions in agency operations due to the Coronavirus, including new enrollments, changes to enrollments due to life events, certification of coverage under the FEGLI life insurance program, and accepting documents such as designations of beneficiary forms under FEGLI.

“Agencies should inform employees of how and where to submit benefits forms during a disruption of normal agency operations,” OPM said, noting that the forms are always available at www.opm.gov/forms. “If an employing agency requires email submission of forms, please inform employees about available methods to protect personally identifiable information in any required forms and supporting documentation during submission.”


“If it is not practicable for agency personnel to review and verify documentation of family member eligibility or a qualifying life event, agencies should proceed with the transaction, but must track these transactions and perform the review and verification as soon as it is practicable to do so. If at that time adequate documentation is not provided, agencies must void the transaction,” OPM said.

Agencies also may accept late elections if they determine that an employee was unable to submit an election on time due to circumstances beyond the employee’s control, it said.

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