In addition to requiring that employees furloughed during the shutdown be paid in full, OPM has detailed the impact on several other benefit matters–which like the policies regarding pay and other forms of compensation set a precedent for any shutdown that may lie ahead, assuming precedent is followed and furloughed employees would once again be made whole.

Further, for furloughed employees “agencies must adjust the employee’s leave account for proper recredit of any lost accrual of annual and sick leave due to being in a nonpay status. Since the employee is retroactively placed in a pay status, annual and sick leave will accrue in accordance with the normal rules,” the OPM memo says.


Meanwhile, employees who were on preapproved leave without pay will continue to have furlough time charged to LWOP and they are not entitled to retroactive pay. There would be an exception for employees who were on LWOP during that period under the Family and Medical Leave Act but who had been scheduled to be on paid status during the pertinent time through use of paid leave.