OPM has proposed rules spelling out a new “disabled veteran leave” entitlement enacted into law late last year, stressing that under the law, it will be available only to eligible those who are first hired, or rehired after a break in service for military duty, on or after November 5 of this year. The law allows for up to 104 hours of leave in the first 12 months of employment without charge to other forms of leave for newly hired veterans with a disability rating of 30 percent or more, to be used for medical treatment related to that disability and for which sick leave could otherwise be used. The leave will not carry over beyond that period and will be prorated for employees on other than a full-time schedule. The proposed rules address issues such as the documentation needed to qualify for the leave, loss of eligibility for those deemed to have recovered, and other technical issues. The rule proposal in the June 6 Federal Register also would repeal several temporary special leave authorities that have expired, including one dating to 1991.