OPM has rejected calls from several members of Congress to extend the “enrollee decision period” in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program beyond Friday. Those requesting the delay argued that enrollees facing steep premium increases effective November 1 should be given more time to decide how to respond—essentially, to accept the full increase, restructure their benefits or, if eligible, stop premiums while remaining eligible only for a much-reduced benefit—and that OPM should delay the premium increases as well, by two months or more. However, OPM said that any delay would only require still higher premiums moving forward. The decision period started with notices in late July to those affected by the increases—all but a few percent of enrollees, the main exception being those enrolling after July 2015. Many members of Congress, as well as employee organizations, are dissatisfied with the information released so far regarding how the prior projections of income and outgo in the program could have been so far off to trigger such large premium increases—about 80 percent on average, in some cases much higher–but any congressional hearings will have to wait until after the upcoming recess.