Federal employees would be able to “seamlessly” transfer among agencies, under a plan OPM has released for carrying out its agency priority goals under the President’s Management Agenda.

It says that by September 2019, it expects to put in place employee digital record data standards “that demonstrate an initial capability toward federal employees being able to transfer between agencies using paperless processing. Once implemented, the EDR will provide employees, HR experts, and other authorized users a common language (data standard) so that human capital activity is exchanged seamlessly with the right context.”


Those standards also will improve onboarding new employees and processing retirement applications, it says. Currently, it adds, agencies “find it difficult to manage the end-to-end human capital data lifecycle due to duplicative, siloed human resources information technology systems that are unable to interface and exchange data.”

A separate document addresses OPM’s other goal under the agenda, improving the hiring process—which would primarily apply to new hiring but also would affect current employees looking to change jobs. The main emphasis is to be on strengthening the training and development of HR specialists so that they are “knowledgeable about all aspects of talent acquisition, from recruiting, to job posting, to developing effective assessment tools, and use of special hiring and compensation flexibilities.”