Along with that order, the administration released a table showing that—again, barring a change of direction—raises are to range from 1.19 percent in the RUS locality to 1.60 percent in the San Francisco area. The Washington and San Diego areas would get raises nearly as large, 1.56 and 1.54 percent. For the employees who are moving from RUS into one of the new localities, the raises will range from 1.21 percent in the new Albuquerque locality to 1.43 percent in the new Laredo locality. Looked at another way, employees in the new localities are set to receive raises of 0.02 to 0.24 percentage points above what they would have received by remaining in RUS. The difference for those moving from RUS into one of the pre-existing localities will be much larger, however. For example, someone in one of the counties being added to the New York or Houston areas will receive a pay boost due just to that of about 15 percent, while someone being added to the Boston, Chicago, Hartford or Washington-Baltimore localities will receive a raise due to that of above 10 percent. The highest-paid locality, San Francisco, is not being expanded.