OPM has issued a warning about an “aggressive” phone scam targeting federal retirees in which the caller claims to be an OPM employee and threatens to end the annuitant’s retirement benefits, threatens that a “magistrate” will criminally prosecute, and demands an immediate payment. “Any communication of this type is not from an OPM official,” OPM said. “OPM will not make such calls. Scams like this one are carried out by skilled imposters, who may sound convincing. They may use real names and titles – and they may know a lot about their targets, including personally identifiable information. The scammers may alter the caller ID to make it look like OPM is calling. Scammers may also attempt to use email to ‘phish’ for more information. Finally, these imposters may leave an ‘urgent’ callback request.  Don’t fall for it.” OPM said that it never makes calls that include a demand for immediate payment, a demand to pay first before any appeal, a request to pay through prepaid cards or money transfers, or a threat of referral to law enforcement. It advises recipients of such calls to not engage with the caller but instead simply hang up, note the time and date of the call and the number it came from, and report it to the IG’s office online or at 877-499-7295.