Among the provisions of the House committee report on its version are recommendations for changes to the Postal Service that have been included in several reform bills that have been offered by House Republicans for a number of years. These include requiring postal employees to pay the same amount toward their FEGLI and FEHB insurance as other federal employees—currently they pay less, under terms of contracts—and changing “both the frequency and type of mail delivery.” The former is a reference to cutting mail delivery to five days and the latter to sifting some door-to-door deliveries to central points such as neighborhood cluster boxes. It does not mention relief from a requirement to pre-fund retiree health insurance, a major contributor to postal deficits in recent years, or another provision that has been in a number of such bills, making the FECA injury compensation program less generous government-wide. Meanwhile, during voting on its version, the Senate added an amendment to stop further closing of mail processing plants and to reinstate overnight delivery standards that have been reduced as cost-cutting steps. So far this year a formal postal reform bill has not been reintroduced in either the House or Senate.