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The inspector general at GSA has found that management there “has not taken adequate corrective actions” to address problems with performance evaluations of Senior Executive Service members raised in a 2013 IG report.

Performance evaluation is a topic of perennial dispute in the federal workplace and especially so regarding the SES. Government-wide about half are rated at the top of the five levels, almost all the rest at the next-highest level and only a few individuals—out of a cadre of nearly 8,000—are rated as performing unacceptably. That distribution is much more top-heavy than for federal employees in general.


The new IG report said, for example, that while regulations require that performance plans be in place before an appraisal period starts, at GSA that deadline often still is missed; in 2018, nine-tenths of executives received them more than three months late. Other problems were found with higher-level reviews of initial ratings and other process-related issues; in addition, it said that although only one award is allowed per year, there was an instance of an executive receiving to that were reported to OPM as one.

GSA management agreed with the recommendations, as it had with those of the 2013 report.

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