Contrary to how the events commonly are reported by news outlets not particularly well versed in the procedures of federal pay-setting, a presidential pay raise order is not the final word on the raise. Any law containing a provision regarding a raise that is enacted after such an order overrides the order. So far there has been no move by Congress to either name a specific figure—despite proposals offered by some Democrats in both the House and Senate endorsing 5.3 percent—or to block the White House’s recommendation. However, legislative action on the raise always is possible until Congress adjourns for the year. This year Congress plans a post-election session until December 16, after returning from its current recess to work the month of September before recessing again through the elections. There has been no sign that doing anything on the raise–other than to let it take effect by default–is a priority item for attention, but the raise won’t be definite until Congress adjourns for the year.