At mid-September Congress has not acted on several priority items, including a key “continuing resolution” to carry agency spending authority past the September 30 end of the current fiscal year.

That measure likely would continue funding largely at current levels until sometime past the elections, tentatively December 10.


However, no such measure has been produced, pushing a resolution off to just days before the deadline for preventing a partial government shutdown.

Congress also has not yet moved toward final passage of the DoD authorization bill, which includes various workplace-related provisions including an expansion of the upcoming paid parental leave authority to include some categories of employees currently left out.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi meanwhile has said that chamber will remain in session until an agreement is reached on a further pandemic relief bill; Congress has been stalled on that issue since May. Senate leaders have made no similar commitment. The Senate currently is scheduled to remain in session through October 9 but there is an expectation that it will recess soon after temporary funding is passed.

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