Democratic control of the House will result in “roadblocks” to several Trump administration initiatives for federal employees, but “there are plenty of opportunities for bipartisan cooperation on issues that affect agencies, and those issues could show up on the agenda,” according to the Partnership for Public Service.

The good-government group said in a posting that the key House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will shift its focus to investigations and oversight of the administration. One prospect would be whether the administration is over-reaching its authority in attempting to carry out agency reorganizations through administrative actions without changes in law, it said.

However, “certain cross-agency priority goals, such as improving the customer experience, security clearance reform and IT modernization, could offer opportunities for Congress and the administration to cooperate on implementation,” it said. Other potential areas of cooperation include improving the hiring process, boosting employee engagement, IT modernization, and issues on the GAO high-risk list, it said.

While the Senate will remain in Republican control, the Partnership noted that there will be changes to Democratic leadership on the counterpart Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri was defeated and her place as ranking Democrat could go to Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., who has ranking Democrat on the oversight subcommittee. Peters has worked on issues including reducing vehicle fleet costs and creating a rotational program for cybersecurity specialists, it said.