OPM is launching an interagency rotational program for details of up to one year for Coronavirus-related response efforts and is encouraging agencies to allow their employees interested in such assignments to take them.

Under the program, agency chief human capital officers and the offices with the opportunities are to identify “meaningful” assignments related to Coronavirus and supervisors and post them on a newly designated section of USAJobs.gov.


Current employees with applicable skills can apply for them “and need not be in a like or related position to qualify,” OPM said, although written approval from a supervisor will be needed.

The hiring agency will make selections with no approval from OPM needed for movement between competitive service positions; approval will be required for movement between the competitive service and excepted service.

The new program follows OPM’s recent guidance to agencies allowing them to change employees’ job duties under certain circumstances for Coronavirus response purposes. Further information is on opm.gov.

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