The Office of Government Ethics has proposed to update rules regarding outside job seeking by federal employees, with some of the changes putting in regs policies contained in prior guidance. Ethics rules bar employees from participating in “any particular matter that, to the employee’s knowledge, will have a direct and predictable effect on the financial interests of a person with whom the employee is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment.” The revisions would specify what employees must do to “recuse” themselves in such situations, such as filing written documents with agency ethics officials. They further would specify that electronically posting a profile, resume or similar information that is not targeted to a specific employer is not considered “seeking employment.” Also, if contacted by a prospective employer, an employee would not be considered to be seeking employment until he or she “makes a response other than a rejection.” Other topics include specifying types of work, such as volunteer activities, that are not considered employment under the rules; and spelling out additional requirements for those who must file public financial disclosures: they must notify their agency ethics office within three business days of beginning a job negotiation or agreement, a requirement that applies to all non-federal employers, not just to private sector companies, it says.