The CBO briefing showed an average net cost to the government—after paying salary and benefits, and with the tax revenues also considered—annually is $135,200 for an active-duty position and $96,000 for a civilian position. On the military side, it noted that a significant part of the cost lies in associated veterans benefits. CBO also said the total saving potential would vary according to whether the positions were filled on a one-to-one basis or whether some positions could be eliminated in the process. It said the former approach would yield savings of $3.1 billion annually, while replacing every three military positions with only two civilian positions would yield $5.7 billion annually. Beyond the potential cost savings, CBO said, civilians have advantages “such as greater stability or familiarity with technological advances for which military personnel would require additional training. CBO does not make recommendations on policy issues but merely explores the potential budgetary impact. However, because of congressional budgeting procedures, a CBO conclusion that an action would produce real savings can carry weight on Capitol Hill.