Legislation (S-2946) offered in the Senate would expand the special retirement provisions for law enforcement officers to certain categories who currently are ineligible, bringing an estimated 30,000 more officers under those provisions. Law enforcement officers pay more into the federal retirement fund but receive enhanced benefits with eligibility to retire earlier—although generally subject to mandatory retirement at 57. The bill would include all GS-0083 officers in the coverage, specifically extending it to employees who are authorized to carry a firearm and whose duties include the investigation and/or apprehension of suspected criminals; IRS employees whose duties are primarily the collection delinquent taxes and securing delinquent returns; employees of the Postal Inspection Service; VA police officers; and officers of a variety of other agencies including NIH and the U.S. Mint currently excluded. Under the bill, service prior to the change would be treated as having been under those provisions at the employee’s election.