The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved bills including: HR-901, to require OMB to issue guidelines, presumably including disciplinary standards barring access to a pornographic or other explicit website from a federal computer, except for those used for an investigative purpose that requires accessing such a site; HR-1531, making seasonal employees at certain land management agencies eligible to compete for permanent positions under internal merit promotion procedures; HR-1563, making individuals with seriously delinquent tax debts ineligible to get or keep federal employment, with certain exceptions; HR-1562, barring the award of contracts or grants to companies or individuals under similar standards. The committee released data showing that about 114,000 federal employees (including Postal Service)owe some $1.14 billion in back federal taxes; the number was down slightly from 2013 but the amount owed was up slightly. Meanwhile the House Ways and Means Committee approved HR-1152, to prohibit IRS employees from using personal e-mail accounts for official business.