Washington DC, Jan 6 2019. Monuments on the National Mall are partially closed due to the government shutdown. Restrooms are closed, and there are no National Park Service personnel

Beyond basic pay, retirement and insurance matters, OPM’s most recent fact sheet for federal employees who are going unpaid due to the partial government shutdown reflects a range of other impacts including:

Annual and sick leave accrual — “Furloughed employees don’t accrue annual and sick leave during the furlough once they have been in a non-pay status for 80 hours (for full-time employees with a regular 80-hour biweekly tour of duty). Congress may, however, authorize retroactive accrual of leave.” Employees who are continuing to work without pay “continue to accrue leave, but that leave will not be available for use until funding is provided.”


Allotments from pay — “Since no allotments can be made if you’re not receiving pay, you may want to review your allotments to determine whether you’ll need to make alternative arrangements (e.g., if you are using allotments to pay loans, alimony, etc.).”

Child care subsidies — “Employees enrolled in their agency child care subsidy program should contact their agency HR office for information about payments.”

Flexible spending accounts — “Your FSAFEDS payroll deductions stop when you don’t receive pay. You remain enrolled in FSAFEDS, but you can’t be reimbursed for eligible health care claims until you return to pay status and your payroll deductions can be made. Payroll deductions will be subsequently collected to match your annual election amount.

Eligible dependent care expenses incurred during the lapse in appropriations may be reimbursed up to whatever balance is in your dependent care account—as long as the expense incurred allows you (or your spouse, if married) to work, look for work, or attend school full-time.”

Other considerations — “Some mortgage, loan, credit and utility providers have indicated that customers may qualify for alternative arrangements. Please contact your providers for more information.”