Congress has passed a bill (HR-5325) keeping federal agencies funded, generally at current levels, through December 9, averting the threat of the partial shutdown that had been hanging over the government in recent weeks as the October 1 start of the new fiscal year approached and with no spending bills for it having been passed. Voting had been delayed several times over various policy disputes, which eventually were resolved when the House agreed to vote in the post-election session to provide more money to address the water quality crisis in Flint, Mich.; previous roadblocks had been overcome by adding money for flood relief and response to the Zika virus. Once the House made that commitment, Senate Democrats who had been holding up the funding bill agreed to allow it to advance, and the Senate quickly approved it. The House then followed suit within hours and Congress recessed through the elections. While the measure in general provides only temporary funding, it funds the Veterans Affairs Department and military construction projects for the entirety of fiscal 2017.