Several occupations related to the medical and IT fields are among the top 20 white-collar occupations in the government and are continuing to grow, recently released OPM data show.

“Miscellaneous administration and program” was the leader–by occupational code–as of September 2015, with nearly 99,000 employees, although down by 2.1 percent from a year prior. Nurse and IT management were virtually tied at about 82,000, with the former growing 6.2 percent and the latter 0.6 percent in that time. Following them were management and program analysis and miscellaneous clerk and assistant.

Among the fastest-growing were medical support and assistance, up 11.9 percent, contract representative, up 8.7 percent, nurse, and medical officer, up 5.3 percent. The biggest drop was in compliance inspection and support, down 3.4 percent, and miscellaneous administration and program.

Among blue-collar occupations, the largest were custodial, maintenance mechanic, aircraft mechanic and miscellaneous transportation/mobile equipment maintenance. The fastest growing was pipefitting, up 12.3 percent, followed by welding, up 9.1 percent and electrician, up 3.4 percent; the steepest declines were in materials handler, down 3.4 percent, electronics mechanic, down 3 percent, and aircraft engine mechanic, down 2.1 percent.